Avengers:Infinity War Review – A Hyped But Worthy to Watch


If you have not watched the film in the theater, I suggest you do not go down and read this review. If you think that this would not do any bad before you watch the Avengers: Infinity War, please go ahead.

I feel so excited when I watch the film in the theater.

Every detail that you guys told me were wrong.

Let’s start with the main points that stuck with me. First off, it was terrible, heartbreaking, awful, saddening, amazing, and possibly the best Marvel movie to date.

Actually, scratch that – the best Marvel movie to date, no question, it’s a done deal. It didn’t only live up to the hype; it exceeded it.

First of All:  Thor’s powers. Can we talk about Storm breaker, and him kicking the Outriders asses? Like, wow! He won that fight. He won that fight for everyone.

Loki and Heimdall’s deaths were in the first five minutes of the film. Unexpected for me. I’d heard rumors about Loki’s death, and since he’s died a few times in the past, I didn’t expect his death to be so absolute. It was very, very sad, though I feel it was necessary.

I felt bad for Thanos. There, I said it. He really did love Gamora, despite his insanity and his evil agenda. He genuinely believed that what he was doing was right. Thanos had a motive. He was a sympathetic character. He became my favorite villain, instantly. Thanos killed everyone, mercilessly and relentlessly. But I somehow felt sorry for him. Not many characters can do that, but the Russos executed that aspect perfectly and seamlessly. Incredible and terrifying.

When Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian arrived on Earth, Spidey saved Tony from Obsidian, Strange fought Ebony Maw and was subsequently captured, and when Peter followed him to the Q-Ship, he couldn’t breathe and fell, but Stark sent up the Iron Spider suit and it was amazing.

Quill and Gamora finally kissed! Wanda and Vision are…were…romantically involved. That was where the pleasantries ended.

Now, onto the deaths before anything else.

Gamora died at the hand of Thanos to gain the Soul Stone. And he cried. Dear God, I was so anxious and saddened during that scene. And the return of Red Skull! I wasn’t expecting that. He was safe guarding the Soul Stone; who would’ve ever guessed?

Doctor Strange died with many others when Thanos gained the Mind Stone from Vision, killing him. But the morality I saw in Doctor Strange is what made his death even more painful; he explicitly told Tony Stark that he wouldn’t save him or Peter Parker if it was between them and giving up the Time Stone.

But then, he realized that saving Tony was the only way. Better for half the universe to live than all to burn.

Falcon, Groot, Mantis, Peter Quill, Drax, Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, Scarlet Witch, Maria Hill, Nick Fury – all were dead when Thanos snapped. That snap though! Oh my God, I didn’t think we’d see that horrible snap. You truly thought they were going to win, when Wanda was killing Vision to destroy the Mind Stone, but Thanos just obliterated them both after using the Time Stone to turn back time and get the Mind Stone. Stunning.

The worst part about those deaths were that they were entirely random. There was no order, no reasoning behind it. It was completely and utterly horrifying to see all of these characters we’ve come to know and love be killed without any remorse or mercy.

I was stunned. Shell shocked. They were just killed. Just like that. As if they were nothing.

Can we just talk about Peter Parker’s death?

Oh my gosh.

Guys. I said it! I called it! Everyone said I was crazy, but I called it. And I knew his death would be the saddest of all. And I still hold onto my belief that his death will be the driving force, the catalyst, for whatever Tony and the rest of the remaining Avengers will do to set the universe back to its rightful state.

Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.

You’re alright, you’re alright.

I don’t know what’s happening.

Peter hugs Tony, trying to regain his balance, his life.

I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark, I wanna stay! I don’t wanna go, please, I don’t wanna go, please Mr. Stark!

He sobs into his arm, and Tony is heartbroken. Peter then falls to the ground, defeated and weakened.

I’m sorry.

Then he disappears, dies; he’s gone.

There were more than a few sobs at that part. God, was it terrrible and heart wrenching. Spider-Man is my favorite character, and though I predicted his death, it was still shocking.

And I knew it had to happen.

There was a quiet that settled over the audience after this scene. Peter looked up to Tony; he idolized him, he was his father, and Peter was his kid. He was supposed to protect him. Peter believes Tony can do anything, conquer anything, and that’s why he even thinks that in death, Tony can somehow stop it from happening.

This is a kid who thinks he’s going to die for good. And he’s begging Tony for his life, as he believes he can accomplish anything and everything. I cried.

Since Tony seems to be playing an important part in the next film, just imagine how hard Peter’s death hit him. Imagine how he feels. He knows he has to save him, or at least, avenge his death.

He was a stowaway on the Q-Ship. And he lived up to all my expectations; the Footloose joke was excellent. Peter’s plan to dispose of Ebony Maw was brilliant, his saving Mantis, Peter Quill, and Drax was amazing, his Spider Legs were incredible. His innocence and his hope were what made the movie so lighthearted in the right places.

But his death made it one of the darkest moments in the MCU; if you’ve seen the movie, the raw emotion Tom Holland put into that scene was nothing short of spectacular.

I want him back already.

So, who’s alive?

Captain America, Widow, O’Koye, Bruce Banner, Thor, Tony Stark, Rocket, M’Baku, War Machine, and Nebula.

That’s all I can remember.

But the real question is, how the hell are they going to get to Thanos, and how the hell are they going to save everyone?

Guys, this is insanity. I genuinely have absolutely no idea how they’re going to be saved.

And Captain Marvel! That Easter Egg at the end! Oh my God! Maybe she’s the key to all this? Or maybe Adam Warlock? Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

But for now, I’m shook. I’m actually dying. Another year. Another goddamn year, waiting for the continuation of this era.

10/10. Definitely the best Marvel film to date. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made me happy, sad – it made me laugh, cry, and want to scream. Not many movies can do that, and spark that much emotion into the audience. It took you through every emotion in the book.

But now, I’m just sad.

I was breathless, my heart was pounding, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. That’s when you know it’s good.

The humanity is what made this film so excellent and in a league of its own. When Mantis put Thanos to sleep, and Peter Parker and Tony were trying to remove the Gauntlet from his hand while Thanos admitted to Quill that he killed Gamora…that was just the essence of human nature in a nutshell. Quill’s demeanor immediately changed. He wasn’t thinking about the fate of the universe, or the greater good; all he could think about was the loss of Gamora, his love, his life. He ruined a possible chance at retrieving the Infinity Gauntlet because he was so driven by his passion and his anguish, the loss of his love.

And that truly was the core of this film. What is humanity? Why are we so resilient, and how far will our passion, or love, our drive to do good, take us? How far will love go to prevail?

Peter Quill and Gamora.

Vision and Wanda.

Peter Parker and Tony.

Five out of those six people are dead. Just think about that loss. Imagine that loss.

God help us all as we wait for the real conclusion.

At the end, Thanos retrieves all six infinity stones, and half the universe is randomly eliminated. (Spiderman, DoctorStrange, Black Panther, Quill, Bucky, and Fury included and some more I don’t remember.) Nick Fury is seen calling Captain Marvel right before he dies, and the words “Thanos will return” (Or “Be Back” don’t remember too well sorry.) appear on screen. Earlier it showed Thanos on some peaceful field right after he killed half the entire universal population.


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