My Review About Westworld Season 2, Episode 1

Westworld is one of my favorite TV Series. And I am glad to hear that the Westworld Season 3 is getting a third season. If you are a fan of the Westworld, you could never be late to watch the tv.

The Westworld is created by showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy — and inspired by the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name. Westworld tells the story of a futuristic theme park populated by intelligent robots called “hosts.” The park allows visiting guests to act out their Wild West fantasies, usually by embracing the baser aspects of human nature. Over the course of the show’s first season, certain hosts began to develop self-awareness, causing numerous problems with the park’s operations, until things finally spun out of control just as the park’s co-founder, Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) got ready to retire.

First thoughts, I find it a strong return, there were many questions answered from the S1 finale but many more new questions.

What I really like is that in the modern TV and movie industry where many shows fit into a cliche of something produced many times before, this is a truly unique one. An A.I uprising apocalyptic world in the future but somehow in the wild west.

It seems that the producers are playing it safe, in the sense that they are following the same storytelling format as S1. Past timeline and present timeline are told concurrently. Except that for S1 the time difference spanned decades while this season was just a matter of two weeks. It was a formula that worked great for the first season nonetheless. With this concurrent storytelling, audiences were left wondering what happened in between and anticipated the past timeline to come full circle to answer those questions.

Case in point :

How the hell did Teddy and all the hosts end up floating in the sea? And how did Bernard kill them?

Where did Charlotte go?

In this premier we can identify a few subplots for the rest of the season.

Bernard and Charlotte

There were already hints last season that Delos was trying to undermine Ford by stealing their IP, it seems this season the Delos management would become heavily involved. I can’t help but feel those creepy white hosts in the hidden lab are going to be significant later on.

Maeve, Hector and Lee Sizemore

I am still of the opinion that Maeve returned to Westworld of her own free will after gaining true autonomy to seek her daughter. While I find her story arc seemingly inconsequential to the main plot, I like this new pair up. already they have some golden moments (I will relieve you of your most precious organ and feed it to you) lol looking forward to more.


Man in Black

He seems over the moon now, as you expect from this character. He was so bored of all this being “not real”. Now he gets to be in the middle of a very real life or death situation with a game Ford left for him. We can expect him to get into a lot gun fights while figuring out the riddle little Ford gave him. I can’t wait for his path to cross with Dolores once again, although I’m not sure how it will play out.


Yea it seems he is gone for good. I had entertained the idea that Ford would make a clone of himself but it doesn’t seem likely at all now. The way William shot his young clone and said “I don’t need you anymore.” is sort of a message to us. While he was a favorite character that brought much flair to the first season, and his departure is disappointing, they had written his story in a way that the effects of his actions will resonate throughout the rest of the show, so in a way Ford still lives on. Also I salute a show that dares to kill off such a strong character instead of prolonging their intended narrative for popularity, at least it won’t fall into certain storytelling cliches.

Dolores and her merry band of host rebels

Dang I love her new look and attitude. So badass when she was hanging those Delos executives. However I can’t help but wonder what her endgame is. Last season I had wonder what the point of Ford giving hosts full consciousness and killing humans was for. By his words he wanted to give them a new beginning, a new life. But logically that would just send a message that they are too dangerous and must be destroyed by lethal force, which came in the form of Karl Strand and a trigger happy army. Dolores told Teddy she wanted to take the human’s world from them, that just sounds pretty ambitious. After her bittersweet romance with William, I find it a cringe when she professing her love to Teddy, especially when we find him lying dead not two weeks later. Dolores as always leaves many many unanswered questions along with her.

Other thoughts

Its good to see Elon Musk’s ex playing a prominent role now, last season she seems to be just a cameo.

Where is Felix!? He need to meet with Maeve again!

Overall this premier sets the stage for the rest of the season very well, with plenty of questions for us to speculate and anticipate. I do find it a tad slow, but so was last season, I’ll say give it a week or two more to really kick off and we’ll see the shining gem that is the Westworld we love.


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